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Hi, my name's Pierre and I'm the director of TIME SENSE. I'd like to share with you my beliefs about our relationship with the concept of time which is at the very core of the human condition, especially in a social context: we have all shared that sacred link since the dawn of time, and will forever more.

Time is part of us:
Think about musicians and dancers. Each one is guided by an inner pulse, driven by an unconscious and universal obsession, to draw us into the rhythm and communicate their art.

Time is all around us:  
Today more than ever our expectations around “time”: being on time, being in time…are not only proof of our efficiency but also of our desire to keep moving ahead, progressing, at work, at school, at home… the reference to time guides us, motivates us and gives us relief.

Time is a dimension of it’s own:  
We are not only permeated, soaked in the concept of time, but we have also programmed it into every device we use, from the most complex super-computers, all the way down to the simplest machines. Synchronization is a compulsory element of technology and sustains every type of communication. 

At TIME SENSE we put people's needs ahead of time related matters. This is the reason why, from small to big, from green to safety, our solutions are made to give people relief: nice, simple to use, with user friendly smart features. In addition our work force offers the most reliable engineering background with over 15 years of expertise regarding an expanded range of time applications.
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